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Summer Session Poster Compressed.png

Summer Series

Illustrated Poster Design

The Summer Series 2020 poster was designed for University of the Pacific and their summer sessions they hold every year. For this project, I illustrated a summer themed poster to captivate the theme of summer and learning. I thought about the concept "Surfin' for Success" which is why I went with the concept of someone surfing over the waves of success and learning. 

I was heavily inspired by modern video games such as Splatoon and Super Mario Sunshine, as well as looking up surfing references. The character featured was styled and originally had orange hair, similar to the hair color of one of the playable characters in Splatoon. I also gave her various hair and skin colors, as a way to represent the diversity from the university. Additionally, I had to use the exact orange from the univesity's official colors, which was incorporated in the main text. The drawing was rendered from a Paint Program called Medibang Paint and later finalized in Adobe Illustrator.

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