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Squid Melody Thumbnail.png

Squid Melodies

Kinetic Typography

Squid Melodies is actually the title of the song featured in this lighthearted Kinetic Typography project. The song was from The Living Tombstone, a YouTube artist that is known for producing music based on video games and other forms of entertainment media. The song featured was based on a video game called Splatoon from Nintendo and in this project, I was inspired from the game's aesthetic and wanted the said aesthetic to reflect on the project done in Adobe After Effects.

After doing research, I've noticed that the Kinetic Typography ads convey some sort of feeling with the message and style that they were going for. As for the process, I used a few elements from the game Splatoon as well as looking at the Squid Melody music video as a reference, including adding the game's official fonts and icons for its characters. I even used a few words to add meaning to it, such as "Sadness" disappearing and "Melodies" having a few transitional effects here and there. 

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