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Ocha Kombucha

Brand Packaging Identity

Ocha Kombucha is a fictitious Kombucha brand heavily inspired by leading Kombucha brands such as health-Ade and Brew Dr. The name of the brand contains a Japanese word "Ocha" which translates to "Tea." This Kombucha brand consists of bold and vibrant colors and a simple yet elegant logo design for the demographic. the main target audience are Millennials (primarily females) who are health conscious and are looking for organic drinks.

As for the process, I did considerable research on the benefits of drinking Kombucha, well known Kombucha brands, and looking at examples of iconic mascots within said brands. In this case, I was heavily inspired by the Starbucks mermaid mascot designed by Terry Heckler to use for the social media advertisements showcased. Additionally, I used primarily three different advertising campaigns for the brand: Instagram posts, Magazine ads, and bus stop ads.

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