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Macques BBQ

Social Media Advertisement 

Macques BBQ is a Black-owned business that owns two restaurants in Sacramento and Elk Grove respectively. For this project, I did a collaboration with a Design Studio ATWENTY3 in Stockton, California to design some social media advertisements and posters to promote the businesses' sales. Some of the main events Macques were promoting were the Superbowl Sunday 2020 event, the restaurant being open on Sundays, and promoting discounts for First Responders.

The Superbowl Sunday needed posters for the audience, so I did some research on some interesting sports flyers and posters for the said event. Additionally, I came up with about 2 different poster designs, one featuring a player from the San Francisco 49ners. The first poster design was however more fitting as it contained simple yet bold colors and elements that are versatile with any football event.

As for the social media posts, one of the posts became a poster for the Elk Grove chain, that is when the restaurant became open for business on Sundays. I ended up designing the 36 x 36 corporate-styled poster while using photos taken by ATWENTY3 to further promote sales. I even used a similar style for most of the social media advertisements along with a few variations.

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