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fresh pear bag displays B.png

Fresh Pear

UI/UX Design

Fresh Pear is a fictitious grocery shopping app heavily inspired by existing Delivery service apps, such as Instacart, Shipt, and Postmates. This visual brand UI project centers around a cute and appealing mascot in order to capture the audience into using a user friendly shopping app for pickup/delivery of groceries. I decided the logo to be a pear simply because the fruit pears are highly underappreciated and that more common fruits such as apples always have the spotlight, so it's a unique twist to the brand to use a lesser known fruit. Additionally, the target audience centers towards Gen Z as well as Millennials that are tech savvy and tend to use online delivery services at the comfort at their own homes.

As for the process, I looked at several examples of Grocery store apps including Instacart and its UI and took a few elements here and there for similar features. The main features I included in this app were store options, categories of items, quantity of said items, and tracking delivery orders. Additionally, the customers have the option of communicating with the designated shopper as well as leaving feedback for their performance after completing the delivery.

I also designed reusable tote bags for Fresh Pear, as it's becoming more and more common for patrons to use sustainable bags when it comes to grocery shopping. Of course, there is a message within the said bag to make the users feel more welcomed with their shopping activity.

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