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Bean bear Coffee Packaging with Labels 1

Bean Bear

Brand Identity

Bean Bear Coffee is a fictitious brand that sells and promotes organic coffee. Additionally, it is a brand that sells sustainable coffee cups with an appealing design. The target audience I went for were Generation Z/Millennials and college students who have an eye for aesthetics, cute and charming designs, and looking for all-natural ingredients in coffee. Since coffee is usually served hot, I compared that feeling to a warm bear hug, and thus came the concept of having a bear within the branding aspect of the design.

Part of the process included doing heavy research on well-known coffee brands, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts as well as niche brands, looking for earthy color schemes to reflect on how organic the product is, and exploring for modern and appealing typefaces that would go with with the demographics. The logo itself is latte art of a bear in a simplified yet detailed logo of the brand, making it clear that it is a form of coffee as well as using a coffee bean onto its nose to make the message clear enough for the audience.

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