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ASD Girl


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD for short) is a neurological condition that is often overlooked in females. Additionally, females are much more likely to be misdiagnosed than males so they may have this condition without even realizing it. For this reason, I created this project in hopes of educating and informing folks about Autism and the common traits associated with it. As a woman with ASD, this project hits close to home and that I used this said project to shed light on the topic, as well as breaking the stigma of autism, especially in girls and young women. The main target audience are parents of daughters either with ASD or females who were diagnosed during adulthood.   

As for the process, I did some hand-drawn illustrations that were later digitized for social media posts, such as Instagram. From there, I describe some of the common struggles and misconceptions autistic folks tend to experience, from their own perspective, such as having to "mask their autistic traits." I went with a stylistic illustrated design that evokes an approachable, non-intimidating feeling in order for the audience to relate to the characters within those posts.


Additionally, I created an infographic in a website listing the signs of ASD as well as a few pages in the website, such as blog posts and additional resources to check out, such as ASAN. I use primarily reds and pinks throughout the color scheme as I wanted to avoid blue because it is associated with Autism Speaks, a hate group against Autistic folks. As for the logo, I incorporated the female symbol within the i of the type logo. 

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